Save up to $130

What's the catch?

There isn't one!  All you have to do is select a season pass of your choice from this page. You'll be redirected to Wachusett Mountain's web site where you can complete your purchase via our group, MPG SKI.

So this is for real?

Absolutely!  Our group, MPG SKI, has been in existance since 2010 and we've had great success.

How do I contact you?

You can fill out our contact form, or call us at 401-300-4SKI

2017/2018 On Sale

Through November 14th, 2018/2019 Season Passes are available for purchase at a reduced price! Be sure to purchase prior to this date to ensure your season pass at the cheapest rate possible!!

who or what is "mpg ski" ?

MPG SKI is a ski group coordinated by some avid local skiier...  Me, that is.. Michael Gleason.

I started the group four years ago to aid those who are interested in saving a few bucks on their favorite winter past-time, to do exactly that. SAVE MONEY!   There are no catches.  You don't have to buy a thing (except for your pass, of course).

We would never, ever, sell or misuse your peronal information.  We may send out an email at the beginning of each season to remind previous members that passes are on-sale for the current season.  Maybe a few reminders before the sale deadline..  But, that's all you'll hear from us.  My promise!

We do our best to keep this web site updated, and the prices accurate.  If you do happen to notice something has gone awry, please let us know.

But most importantly, be sure to browse through the web site, and choose the pass that's right for you and your family, friends, neighbors, ski partners and pen pals!