Save up to $130

What's the catch?

There isn't one!  All you have to do is select a season pass of your choice from this page. You'll be redirected to Wachusett Mountain's web site where you can complete your purchase via our group, MPG SKI.

So this is for real?

Absolutely!  Our group, MPG SKI, has been in existance since 2010 and we've had great success.

How do I contact you?

You can fill out our contact form, or call us at 401-300-4SKI

2017/2018 On Sale

Through November 14th, 2018/2019 Season Passes are available for purchase at a reduced price! Be sure to purchase prior to this date to ensure your season pass at the cheapest rate possible!!

frequently asked questions

We've had a lol of questions asked, so we tried to narrow down to the most asked. If your quesiton is still unanswered, please feel free to Contact Us.

How does this discount work?

Very easily! Choose which pass you want to purchase, enter our Group Name "MPG SKI", and complete the checkout process.

Does joining your group "MPG SKI" cost me any money?

Absolutely not! Your payment is made directly to Wachusett Mountain. We never see your payment information, as your pass is purchased directly on Wachusett's web site.

Do you have at least "4" members in your group "MPG SKI" so I'll get my season pass?

We sure do, and we have room for you!  You're more than welcome to join us!

Is there difference between a regular season pass and a "GPS" season pass purchased through MPG SKI?

The only difference is price!  You will have ALL of the same benefets of a regular season pass holder.  You will have full access to the mountain for the specified times your pass allots you to.

What passes are discounted?

We have conveniently compiled a complete list of discoutned passes available for you to choose from.

Weekend Passes?  Can I get one?

YES!  Although the discount is only $10, it's still a savings.  $10 is $10!  Buy the Weekend Pass for $389, or buy the Weekend Freestyle Pass for $419

How do I pick up my pass?

There are a couple of ways! You can upload your picture when you order, and your pass will be mailed to you! You can also go Wachusett, have your picture taken, and your pass will be made while you wait.

Will "MPG SKI" be around next year?

You betcha! This is our fourth year here.  Be sure that we'll be around as long as Wachusett offers group rates. We hope you'll join our group again next year and every year thereafter!